It is often said that to chart a path for the future, we must know where we came from and how we got to where we are now.

SFCOBA – North America was formally established in 1997 through the erudite action of the then President of SFCOBA National, Mr. Segun Ajanlekoko, in coordination with Professor Adedeji Bodunde Badiru.

However it was revived later in 2005 when Mr. Kenny Kuku, Dr. John Nwofia, and Gerald Ilukwe met in Apple Bees in Kennesaw, Georgia. They then teamed up with Professor Badiru to expand and solidify activities of the association. In 2005, the first inaugural meeting was hosted by Kenny Kuku and his wife at their home in Kennesaw, Georgia. In attendance were Professor Badiru, Mr. Kenny Kuku, Paul Okoku, and Dr. Steve Samuel. The following year, a meeting was hosted by Professor Badiru and his wife in their home in Knoxville, Tennessee. In attendance were Dr. Badiru, Mr. Adewale Adewoyin, Kenny Kuku, John Nwofia and their families.

Quickly a website was created and funded by Kenny and John. Several other activities of the trio paved the way and created the foundation over which the present status of the association is based. Thus, evolved the structure of SFCOBA – North America that we all now enjoy these days.

To ensure that we put faces to names, the first reunion was held in Atlanta in 2011.Thus, evolved the structure of SFCOBA – America that we all now enjoy these days.


In the early days, soon after the USA Chapter formation, some of the names compiled by Professor Badiru in February 1998 as potential members included the following:

  1. Adedeji Bodunde Badiru (1972)
  2. Anthony Adebowale Akindele (1974)
  3. Chris Oyobio (1974)
  4. Jim Akpan (1970)
  5. Sam Udom (1975)
  6. Wale Adewoyin (1972)
  7. Philip Bieni (1972)
  8. Emilio John (1969)
  9. Frederick Aluede (1969)
  10. Richard Dugbo (1973)
  11. Steven Keshi
  12. Oluwole Edwin (1971)
  13. Tony Stavern (1971)
  14. Alawole Oladele (1974)
  15. Morfu Etti
  16. David Raine (1969)
  17. Edward Blagogee (1969)
  18. Emmanuel Gbolahan Olajide (1969)
  19. Emmanuel Oshiyoye (1969)
  20. Dapo Adeolu
  21. Patrick Ogunleye (1969)
  22. Yomi John (1968)
  23. Anthony Amayo
  24. Jacob Onela
  25. Chris Chukwura
  26. Godwin Odeye
  27. Fabian Akuche (1968)
  28. Samuel Cole
  29. Bola Ajayi 1970)

Most of these names were compiled based on set-by-set spreading of the word about SCOBA – North America. Subsequent rapid take-off of the chapter predicated on similar set-by-set networking of the class sets from late 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. Up Finbarrs!