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The ‘St. Finbarr’s College Old Boy’s Association (SFCOBA) raises funds for the programs identified as most crucial to preparing students to be leaders in their professions and communities, and to keeping the College at the forefront of teaching, research, and discovery. Flexible funds for financial aid, teaching and research, and extracurricular activities are always needed; current strategic priorities seeking designated gifts range from the arts to entrepreneurship to deepening our understanding of the cosmos and the world around us.

Below are examples of worthy projects that SFCOBA can support or sponsor at Saint Finbarr’s College:

1. Renovation of Classrooms
2. Installation of Water Boreholes
3. Purchase of Classroom Furniture
4. Purchase of office equipment (e.g., Copier Machine, Fax Machine, etc.)
5. Contribution toward the purchase of school buses

The PTA recently delivered two buses to the school, but they still have a long way to go with respect to the school revitalization projects.

It is simple and easy to make a monetary contribution to St. Finbarr’s College.

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